Is it so strange that I'd misspell your name, when I know you so well, only known you since yesterday – this is the way that we'll open these shells, and you opened it well, in the dark, in the dawn… How did I fall into habits of talk, when all that I want is the touch of your silence – you made up this game, I made up this face, and you took it all in, to your eyes in the morning… all of us, all of us, we became the walls, and we broke ourselves down… I fell in love with you for one afternoon….Can I fall in love with you for this afternoon… Is it so strange that we'd come to this place with questions in hand, and not fear the shaking – you asked me my name, I said yours instead, for there was nothing between, and we saw we were same… All of us! We become the walls, and we break ourselves down… this wall has come down, there's nothing to keep us, nothing to keep… wall coming down, made of nothing