One of the most poignant voices currently floating about… Ayla Nereo is an otherworldly artist who shares the fruits of her soul.”

— The Huffington Post

 “[Ayla’s] relationship with the earth is imprinted in her music… expansive and intriguing.”    ~ Billboard 


The composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, and dancer called Ayla Nereo is a creature of the forests, living in the woods of northeastern California, where she weaves tapestries of sound and sows seeds of vision. Bridging worlds and musical style, Ayla's songs seem a genre unto their own, both timeless and modern, as she weaves between vocal looping, produced beats, live drumming, orchestral string arrangements, Celtic melodies, electronic soundscapes, hip-hop wordplay, and ancient prose.    

With an uncanny ability to disarm and crack open the heart, Ayla’s music is lyrical poetry splashing across a canvas of sound, as she sings for the depth of our humanness, our return to a pure state of natural innocence, and the protection of our precious wild lands and all creatures of this planet.  

 Ayla released her 6th solo album, "By The Light of the Dark Moon", in the spring of 2019 via Jumpsuit Records. Dancing between genres across each song, “By The Light of The Dark Moon,” is a journey of finding light through darkness, connecting to what is currently happening in our world with many collective shadows rising  to be seen and healed. The album features a beautiful array of musical collaborations, including washboard and vocals from Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival, violin and production from Tyson Leonard of TROPO, as well as traditional Irish bodhran and guitar, cello, percussion, piano, and produced beats.  

Ayla has also released 2 albums, with a new one forthcoming, with her project Wildlight (her collaboration with David Sugalski, The Polish Ambassador), and has 3 collaboration albums as well.   

She has toured extensively over the past few years, including a full national and international tour to support “By the Light of the Dark Moon” in 2019. She also embarked on the first Permaculture Action Tour with The Polish Ambassador, where they did community and garden action days in every city they played music in --  33 cities in 6 weeks. Ayla then began to create her own Herbalism Action Days to connect her fanbase with their local plant-teachers and healers, to empower communities to know what medicines and foods grow around them, and support the self-reliance of individuals to reclaim their own health care and community food systems. She is excited to weave more action days into her future touring.   

 Currently on touring sabbatical to immerse in the creation of new albums and films, Ayla’s newest singles and videos are set to be released in the coming months.

Can love itself be expressed in sound? Because if so, this is surely that sound… lyrical mastery that strikes at the heart ”

— Collapse Board