"Stars" Lyrics

Across valleys folding, across waters frozen 
across the time between my dawn and your setting sun 
these are stories blowin’, these words tender showin’ 
how can I touch the shape of wing-binding’s falling ‘way 
oh tongue, set you free, and oh mind let it be 
oh land, teach me how to lay in the storming wind 
across hearts aching, across skies a-breaking 
across the time between our suns 

I’m lost in your stars 
by the light of the dark moon 
just be as you are, just do as you do 
by grace and devotion 
by lettin go, lettin go overything 
by breath as it takes you 
by the light of the dark moon 
I’m lost in your stars 

Two-toned, moment wide, breathing, stay with it 
I aim for the place between all longing and letting be 
speaking honeywine, making wishes star-side 
these are the arrows in the battle of becoming 
make me a warrior hummingbird, disarming 
you be a compass to guide this flight 
take me surrendered, fill me to spilling over 
the roots of this endless sky 

I’m lost in your stars…