Oh Rain

Praying for water today. 

Singing to the clouds. 

Imagining water condensing over the California fires. 

Feeling the raindrops on my cheeks. 

Summoning the deep well of gratitude for the blessing of moisture to kiss these flames. 

Remembering my own roots, how our ancestors connected to the elements, keeping the balance, honoring the cycles, and praying for the water. 


Remembering also the elements within my body. 

Tending to their right relationship. 

The raging fires of transformation. 

The soothing rains of grief. 

Letting my own waters be free, my own heart crack open to FEEL all that is occurring on our planet. 

Choosing not to give in to apathy or disassociation. 

Allowing the rain to fall. 


Learning. Listening. 

Trying to weave the very real and quite symbolic teachings of these times, our humanity, the elements, and the call to balance. 


This video was recorded last Spring, and feels right to share now, as we all summon the cooling rains and allow water to flow from our hearts and eyes. 


These are the changing times, the great evolutionary leap of consciousness. The Earth is speaking. 

We get to listen. 


Sending so much Love to you all.

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