Words cannot describe the magic and transformation of this workshop. It has changed my life, the way I express myself and share my creativity. It has given me more confidence when talking in front of groups, and has helped to release old patterns of holding onto my voice. Ultimately, it has helped me fall in love with my voice, and be filled with gratitude every day for creating sound. I am forever grateful.”

— Nuraini

Before the workshop I didn't realize how unwilling I was to see all parts of myself... Ayla's workshop helped me to break free from my patterns choosing to see and love myself fully while opening my voice and connecting deeper to my truth and purpose.”

— Jenny

Seeding the Song


In January 2015 Ayla sat down in front of a small group of people, two cameras, and 100 online participants, to do her first-ever online workshop. And an unplanned river of creative ideas and inspirations came through. 

The course consists of 5 videos with all audio, packed full with hours of Ayla sharing creative prompts, exercises, and many ideas for channeling song and creativity, based on her own personal processes and experiences of creating. Also included two special PDFs of creative exercises, made by Ayla. 

This course centers around the craft of song, melody, and words — but applies far beyond the realm of music, and has supported yoga instructors, writers, elementary school teachers, music teachers, filmmakers, dancers, painters, and more. 

If you wish to empower your voice, whether for singing or speaking or leadership, this course will support you. If you just want to open to more creativity coming into your life, this will help open your channel. And if you want to write more songs, this course will deeply inspire you, and spark your core creative self. 

If you are buying this as a gift, email mgmt@aylanereo.com and we will send you a gift card PDF!


The workshop was so much more than just about singing. You’ve given me so many powerful tools for dealing with anxiety and staying present and aware in life.... so many beautiful gifts you’ve passed on that pave the way for opening the creative healing capacity we all have within.”

— Assimo

To experience Ayla Nereo's workshops along side my daughter has been the best decision I have made. Healing within, parts of myself I never knew... The healing doesn't stop at me but branches out to my mother and her mother and all the mothers before her, passed back down to me and into my daughter. ”

— Yvette

Singing Life