She calls out, "I love you!" I can hear it through the cracks
Of these doors, of these walls, as it echoes, bounces back
It pries my heart open, as the joy does for the children
For the humble hidden deep within this skin, pouring out,
Pouring in, pouring out, pouring in, pouring out, pouring in…

I am driver to the wheel, I am steady, I am swerving
I am blind, running quickly, I am echo to the sapling
She calls out to love, "I can hear you through the cracks!"
And the door to be opened, with a turn-key, with a sighing,
As slivers fall in splinters, with a rainfall, as a cry
She call's out to love, "There's an echo I am following,
I am backwards and evolving
Concave and expanding
A whistle to the train
And the tracks separating
I am bone-bent and wavering
Roots deep and unswaying"
Half her voice bounces back, and the rest escapes
Through the cracks…