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06 Little Beckon

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How do you do
when the rain gets under your skin
leakin’ tidepools like it’s a whim

And what do you say
when it’s all gone sideways and fools
and your heart won’t beat with the rules
little beckon like a shoot on the path
you’re pushin’ past these boulders
pushin’ past these boulders

And how do you do
I think the rain has somethin’ to say
little message in a bottle to pray
all your grievin’ for the healin’ of time
let it run like rivers
and they will flow as the following leads ‘em
touching’ roots of the bodies beneath ‘em
as a bundle to the future be given
little beckon like a shoot on the path
we’re pushing’ past these boulders

Let it run like rivers
let it run like rivers
your tears are healers
so let ‘em run like rivers