A Journey to Inspire and Expand our Songwriting and Creative Living, Empower our Voice, and Embody our Unique Expression in the World  



This online series is a journey into the Art of Listening. We are remembering our inner guidance, and tuning ourselves as instruments, so we can be available for the songs, creations, insights and visions that are wanting to emerge through us in this time. 

Here you will find a container to spark the creative soul, to open wide the inspiration through personal practices and active exploration, to feed the vitality of body mind and spirit, and to cultivate bravery and boldness to be our most creative self. 

You don’t need any experience to join. All are welcome. 

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+ 5 Prerecorded Zoom Sessions, organized into 45 topic videos (about 7 per session module) 

 + 8 Bonus Songcraft Videos 

+ Dozens of written practices & exercises

+ Creative writings and playlists created by Ayla 

 + Online forum and private FB group

+ A digital PDF of exercises and practices from the course



“I have never felt so powerful and creative as when I was practicing this work with Ayla on a weekly basis... I felt reconnected to my true sense of purpose, and overcame years of suppressing my own voice.” 

~ Kristen

"A re-orientation to the sacred nature of your voice and its power to heal, create, and connect... This course allowed me to move on past my most limiting beliefs."

~ Sara


“Ayla’s contagious authenticity radiated through the screen ... the work of bringing voice, standing up and being seen on behalf of a silenced spirit and the generations before me... this is BIG transformative work and Ayla is a wonderful guide.”  

~ Carolina


• opening the creative channels • transforming fear into creativity • unblocking fears of being seen or heard •

• personal practices for cultivating inspiration • songwriting and creative process •

• reconnecting to our innocence and wonder • opening the voice • getting out of our own way • 

• remembering our innate creative power • crafting lyrics and words • looking for magic •

• practices for connecting with the power of nature •  healing through sound • daily rituals for centering • 

• exercises and tools to strengthen your intuition and inner listening • building confidence •

• the energetics of sharing, speaking, and performing •  bravely shining your gifts • and more •



 * FIVE Living Song sessions with Ayla (recordings from the original May 2020 weekly sessions) divided into shorter videos by topic, for a total of 45 videos on the creative process and practice.

Ayla dives deep into her own processes for opening our innate creativity and connecting to our own inner compass, as well as offering singing and writing exercises to connect to our muses and inspiration. Loop pedal jams, guitar freestyles, and voice exercises. Songwriting craft and process. Personal practices for moving through fears, and living bravely from our essence. And so much more.

* Dozens of prompts, practices, and creative exercises, corresponding to each week's session. You will also receive a special PDF digital book of all practices, for your continued exploraton far beyond this course.

* EIGHT bonus Songcraft videos  in response to your questions and interests, containing her own songwriting process, ideas for practices and exercises, inspirations, and insights.

* Multiple Spotify playlists curated by Ayla for this course, featuring songs she has been inspired by, and music to ignite your creative journey.

* A digital Living Song booklet of all exercises, practices, and prompts from the course

* Private group portal page, which includes a private forum for all those in this course, to share ideas, questions, insights, and personal practices with each other, as well as writings from Ayla.

* Private Living Song FB group, a growing community of those who have done this course, a safe space to lean into edges, be witnessed, and share our creative process.


 This online series is for everyone.  

It is a course to support your creativity, your songwriting and voice-opening process, and your wider listening to receive what creations are yours to shape and share. It is a weekly space to fuel your untethered living and ongoing inspiration each moment.

We are remembering how to live our lives as instruments of beauty, in service to all that is good, awakening the dream we are all part of.   

Each of us is a profoundly unique being. We are all creators on this earth. We can all receive information, visions, songs, words ideas, and beautiful works of art that can be of service to all of life.       

The planet needs all of us now, to walk in purpose and service, to be fully available to the insights, creations, and innovations that are ready to come through us.