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Oh Rain

Praying for water today. 

Singing to the clouds. 

Imagining water condensing over the California fires. 

Feeling the raindrops on my cheeks. 

Summoning the deep well of gratitude for the blessing of moisture to kiss these flames. 

Remembering my own roots, how our ancestors connected to the elements, keeping the balance, honoring the cycles, and praying for the water. 


Remembering also the elements within my body. 

Tending to their right relationship. 

The raging fires of transformation. 


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Growing Our Health Care

If we live in a system 

where medicine is a commodity, 

a band-aid to the underlying root, 

symptoms treated instead of causes, 

and all of it only available 

to the ones who have enough money — 

then perhaps it is time to look around us 

to see what is growing on our streets 

in our hills 

and see what we can grow in our backyards.

The plants are the most generous beings, 

and they hold such powerful medicine 

that business owners want to make them illegal, 

knowing that their potency 

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I’ve found a rhythm lately of rising before the sun crests, to have an hour or so to myself before the busyness begins. The still and yet risen pre-sunrise time is by far my favorite time of day. Yet it is so easy for me to sleep right through it. There is that moment of decision each morning, remaining cozy and comfortable with where I am, or moving the dream-heavy limbs to meet the rising curtain of light. Reaching for awakeness. 

So far, something I know about this little microcosm of experience, is…

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The Beginning

In the movement toward that which lights up the creative spark, I am embarking on a new experiment here, sharing words and images and sometimes videos of various encounters with Life. 

I have always loved words, reading and writing stories and thoughts, ever since I could shape sentences. And though many don’t know it, I have adored taking videos and images since I was 11. At age 12 I was actually positive I would grow up to be a writer and film director. But with the busy breathlessness of high school and…

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