Oh Rain

Praying for water today. 

Singing to the clouds. 

Imagining water condensing over the California fires. 

Feeling the raindrops on my cheeks. 

Summoning the deep well of gratitude for the blessing of moisture to kiss these flames. 

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Growing Our Health Care

If we live in a system 

where medicine is a commodity, 

a band-aid to the underlying root, 

symptoms treated instead of causes, 

and all of it only available 

to the ones who have enough money…

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I’ve found a rhythm lately of rising before the sun crests, to have an hour or so to myself before the busyness begins. The still and yet risen pre-sunrise time is by far my favorite time of day. Yet it…

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The Beginning

In the movement toward that which lights up the creative spark, I am embarking on a new experiment here, sharing words and images and sometimes videos of various encounters with Life. 

I have always loved words, reading and writing…

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