“One of the most poignant voices currently floating about… carrying the listener into an evocative landscape that begs the question: when will we change from standing upon our planet to standing with our planet? A poet, musician, visionary and mystic, Ayla Nereo is an otherworldly artist who shares the fruits of her soul.”  ~ The Huffington Post

“[Ayla’s] relationship with the earth is imprinted in her music, a body of work comprised of thickly layered tracks where expansive and intriguing instrumentals serve as an intricate backdrop for her delicate and soft-spoken vocals.” ~ Billboard

“Can you fall in love with a sound? Can love itself be expressed in sound? Because if so, this is surely that sound… lyrical mastery that strikes at the heart” ~ Collapse Board

Prosodic storytelling.”  ~ PASTE Magazine

“It seems that she has tapped a direct line to the heavens, her strong and captivating voice leading transcendent harmonies, while her lyrics beg for growth and change at the deepest levels of existence.” ~ The Untz

“Ayla has the type of voice that can only be attributed to the Divine. Her improvisational performances include the use of a loop pedal, which allow entire songs to be produced vocally and on the spot while being woven with other acoustic instruments. She entrances the mind while freeing it of every fear. She can conjure the most beautiful melodies directly from her soul while projecting every emotion that comes out of her songs… We all hold so much power within, and those of us who can tap into it freely have found it within themselves to teach and to share. Ayla Nereo is an experience that holds onto your heart and stays with you forever.”  ~ Sparkleberry Lane

“Ayla’s vocal range and control is impressive, as her voice successfully conveys a range of human emotion while reminding me of EnyaAmy Winehouse, and Lynx all at once… natural and spiritual images tell us of a desire to be something bigger, to understand loss, and to experience love fully.” ~ Lost In Sound

“Ayla’s music reaches into your heart and opens up all the shutters and doors … It takes you by the imagination and does not let you go. It moves you and you are something better for the experience…  it is the music of returning yourself unto yourself… a reminder of your deepest nature” ~ Jeffrey Myers,

Amazing creativity.”  ~ ART Hound

Ayla Nereo can serenade me anytime she so wishes.” ~ Ocean Pedestrians

Sparingly utilizing delicate finger-plucking methods and the occasional piano, chimes, and violin, the lucid instrument here is Ayla’s voice… a mechanism dedicated to the running consciousness of her lyrics.”  ~ The Deli SF

Ayla Nereo’s voice was shocking… beautiful.”  ~ Tiny Mix Tapes

“Curious, wondrous, and full of insights…”  ~ BAM Magazine