Singing Life: Workshop with Ayla Nereo

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Delight Yoga, Prinseneiland 20G, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delight Yoga and HeartFire proudly present: A workshop that leads us into a deeper understanding of our own voices, how to receive and create music, find words and shape lyrics, follow melodies into whole songs, and trust ourselves as we do it all.

Through trusting our ability to listen and create sound, we learn to trust our own intuition and power to be creators of our lives. Each time we sing, we find new edges, and by leaning into them we can see who we are becoming. We sing for the Joy of it. And we sing for the Need of it, to make offerings of sound that can ripple out and make beauty and good for this planet.

You don't have to be a songwriter or singer to join us! ALL are welcome ~ this is a workshop to open to the creative impulse that wants to come through You.

And Ayla might just share a few songs at the end too...